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Cunningham Aviation offers a variety of secure hangar and tie-down areas for lease.
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Long-Term Falcon Field Hangar Rental in Mesa, AZ

Owning a private plane is a great way to travel, but it does have its challenges. One of those challenges is finding quality hangar rental space. Cunningham Aviation has newly renovated light jet aircraft hangar rental options at Falcon Field Airport, conveniently located in Mesa, AZ, in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

You’ll find our Falcon Field hangar rental space in our newly renovated 30,000 square foot hangar. We have one of the nicest, up-to-date hangars on the field, offering the latest in technology and services, ensuring you have the best hangar lease available in this highly popular airport. We offer secure options for storing your small cabin aircraft in a safe, controlled environment.

Benefits of Our Hangar Space for Rent

We have a limited number of long-term spaces available in our hangar. We also offer hangar space for reservations, which can be easily booked online using our FlightBridge reservation service. In addition to our hangar space for rent, we also have plenty of ramp parking available for various aircraft, from light jets up to a Gulfstream G650.

For our pilots and plane owners in Mesa, AZ, in addition to having one of the best aircraft hangars for rent near me, we also offer fuel and other services at our location. This includes ground handling, secure remote parking using ramp or tie-down spaces, oxygen, lavatory service, and aircraft refueling.

To ensure we have hangar space available for your flight dates, be sure to book your reservation request as soon as possible. We can also accommodate your fuel and other service needs as we complete your reservation.

For more information or to talk directly to our customer service team at Cunningham Aviation, call us today at 602-488-3878.


Newly renovated hangar and facilities with updated and modern lobby, bathrooms and conference room. Lobby is stocked with a variety of snacks, coffee and tea, as well as cold sodas.

By calling or texting 602-488-3878 or visiting our website: and clicking on the RESERVATION link.

It can vary. The best thing to do is give us a call 602-488-3878 and see what is available at your desired time.


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