Because of supply chain issues, it’s a hot market. Your plane has a premium value, so consider selling it now! Guaranteed results, quick sale 30-days or less. Contact us today to learn more about listing your aircraft with Cunningham Aviation.

DA42 Parts For Sale


Nearly $200,000 worth of new DA42 parts at cost. Must sell. Would prefer to sell to one buyer. Would be perfect for a flight school using DA42’s. Full detailed list available upon request by emailing

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For those who want to purchase a quality aircraft or those who are looking for a top selection of planes for sale, Cunningham Aviation in Mesa, AZ, is the company to call.

We specialize in aircraft sales, including jets and turboprops, bankruptcy aircraft, private owner sales, and a wide variety of aviation related equipment. We have facilitated the sale of hangars, air tour companies, tow equipment, and even helicopters and specialized light sport aircraft.

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You do not need to be in Mesa, AZ, to bid at our aircraft auctions. We offer the option to bid online, with an easy to navigate online bidding platform, and our mobile bidding app makes it convenient to bid from anywhere!

Current supply chain issues are making it a hot market. Your plane has a premium value, so consider selling it now! Our aircraft auctions attract a wide range of qualified buyers interested in buying planes just like yours. Sellers can work with our team to manage the sale without any stress or need for marketing, showing, and managing the calls and questions that are involved in a private aircraft sale. We will sell your plane in 30 days or less, guaranteed.

To find out more about selling your aircraft, contact our sales team at Cunningham Aviation at 602-488-3878. As a buyer, browse our selection of planes and equipment listed in our current or past auctions and reach out to us for any additional information or general questions about the bidding process.