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What Is A Fixed Base Operator?

Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) are the unsung heroes of the aviation industry, providing a suite of essential services that ensure the smooth operation of both general and commercial aviation. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your first private flight, understanding the critical role FBOs play can greatly enhance your aviation experience. Cunningham Aviation, nestled at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ, stands as a testament to the comprehensive capabilities and luxurious amenities an FBO can offer.

Core Services Offered by Fixed Base Operators

At its core, an FBO facilitates a range of fundamental aviation services. Central among these is fueling; aircraft require specific types of fuel to operate, and providing Jet A and Avgas/100LL fuels efficiently is a cornerstone of FBO operations. Cunningham Aviation ensures easy access to these vital services through direct fuel sales and a self-serve Avgas island.

Another critical service is the provision of hangar space. Aircraft, like any substantial investment, require proper storage to maintain their condition and functionality. Cunningham Aviation offers hangar leasing solutions that protect valuable aircraft from the elements while providing easy access for owners and operators.

Maintenance and repair services are also integral to FBO offerings. Regular maintenance checks, necessary repairs, and compliance with aviation regulations are all managed efficiently to minimize downtime and ensure that aircraft are always ready to fly.

Additional Services That Enhance the FBO Experience

Beyond the basics, FBOs like Cunningham Aviation offer extended services that include ground handling and concierge services to enhance the comfort and convenience of their clients. Ground handling services ensure that aircraft are ready to depart swiftly, with baggage handling, towing, and crew transportation smoothly executed to professional standards.

For passengers, FBOs provide high-end lounges and personal service that make waiting times comfortable and productive. Concierge services can extend to booking hotels, renting cars, and even making event reservations, ensuring that all travel needs are seamlessly met.

The Importance of FBOs to Private and Commercial Aviation

FBOs are vital not only for the general aviation community, where they support a wide range of aviation activities but also for commercial operators by providing tailored services that help streamline operations and reduce overheads. The efficiency and breadth of services offered can significantly impact operational success for all classes of aviation stakeholders.

Technological Advancements and FBOs

Innovation is key in the evolution of FBO services. Modern FBOs, including Cunningham Aviation, incorporate the latest technology in their operations to enhance efficiency and safety. From advanced booking systems to sustainable practices like green fuel options and waste reduction, technology helps FBOs meet the increasing demands of a more environmentally conscious world.

Choosing the Right FBO: Tips and Considerations

When selecting an FBO, consider location, services offered, and the quality of customer service. Each of these factors can greatly affect your satisfaction and the care your aircraft receives. With its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Cunningham Aviation strives to set industry standards in quality and service.


Understanding the role and services of Fixed Base Operators is essential for anyone involved in aviation. Whether you’re storing an aircraft, needing a fuel top-up, or seeking the luxurious comfort of high-end pilot accommodations, FBOs like Cunningham Aviation are equipped to meet your needs in Mesa, AZ. Explore our services further, including our innovative aircraft sales, and discover why we are poised to become the premier FBO at Falcon Field Airport. For more information, or to book a service, please call us today at 602-488-3878 or email us at

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