Choosing the Right Aircraft Hangar for Your Aviation Needs in Mesa, AZ

Choosing the right aircraft hangar in Mesa, AZ is crucial for protecting your valuable aviation assets and ensuring efficient operations. At Cunningham Aviation, we understand the importance of selecting an aircraft hangar for sale that meets all your requirements. Here are key factors to consider when choosing the right aircraft hangar in Mesa, AZ for your aviation needs.

1. Size and Capacity

Consider Your Aircraft

  • Aircraft Size: Ensure the hangar can accommodate the size of your aircraft comfortably.
  • Number of Aircraft: If you plan to store multiple planes, make sure the hangar has sufficient space.

Future Needs

  • Expansion Plans: Choose a hangar that allows for future growth, including the addition of more aircraft.

2. Location and Accessibility​

Proximity to Airports

  • Convenience: Select a hangar located near major airports for easy access and reduced travel time.
  • Falcon Field Airport (KFFZ): Cunningham Aviation’s hangars are conveniently located at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ.

Transportation Links

  • Road Access: Ensure the hangar is accessible via major roadways for ease of transportation and logistics.

3. Transparency

Aircraft auctions offer a high level of transparency. Detailed information about each plane, including its maintenance history, condition, and specifications, is usually provided upfront. This helps buyers make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

4. Efficiency

The auction process is often faster than traditional sales methods. Once the auction concludes, the transaction can be completed quickly, allowing buyers to take ownership of their new aircraft without lengthy negotiations or delays.

5. Exciting Bidding Experience

For many, the excitement of the auction environment is a significant draw. The competitive nature of bidding can be thrilling, and winning an auction can be incredibly satisfying.

3. Security Features

Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Security Systems: Look for aircraft hangars in Mesa, AZ equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including cameras and alarms.
  • Access Control: Ensure the hangar has controlled access to prevent unauthorized entry.

On-Site Personnel

  • 24/7 Security: Opt for hangars with round-the-clock security personnel for added protection.

4. Maintenance and Amenities

Maintenance Facilities

  • On-Site Services: Choose a hangar that offers maintenance services to keep your aircraft in top condition.
  • Tool and Equipment Storage: Ensure there is adequate space for storing tools and equipment.


  • Office Space: Consider hangars that provide office space for administrative tasks.
  • Rest Areas: Look for facilities that offer rest areas for pilots and crew members.

5. Cost and Availability

Budget Considerations

  • Cost of Hangar: Compare prices and choose a hangar that fits your budget without compromising on essential features.
  • Leasing vs. Buying: Decide whether you prefer to lease or buy an aircraft hangar. Cunningham Aviation offers both options to suit your needs.


  • Immediate Availability: Check for hangars that are available for immediate occupancy to avoid delays.

6. Environmental Control

Climate Control

  • Temperature Regulation: Ensure the hangar has proper climate control to protect your aircraft from extreme temperatures.
  • Humidity Control: Look for hangars with humidity control to prevent corrosion and damage.

Why Choose Cunningham Aviation?

At Cunningham Aviation, we provide top-notch aircraft hangars in Mesa, AZ that meet all the above criteria. Our facilities at Falcon Field Airport (KFFZ) are designed to accommodate various aviation needs, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your operations.

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Choosing the right aircraft hangar in Mesa, AZ is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of your aircraft. Consider these factors and contact Cunningham Aviation to find the perfect aircraft hangar in Mesa, AZ for your aviation needs.